Check Out Those Seedlings!

people kneel with plants
Swappers make their selections. Photo by Emily Citkowski.

The third annual DC State Fair Seedling Swap on May 5 at the Center for Green Urbanism was a great success. While we plan to rock the District with our fourth DC State Fair on September 28 at the Barracks Row Fall Festival, we aren’t content to sit around until then. This event was the first of several leading up to the big event.

Read on to relive the fun (and get tips for your seedlings) if you were there, and to catch up if you missed it. Continue reading “Check Out Those Seedlings!”

What to bring to a seedling swap

woman in scuba gear
Photo by Flickr user Chadica

Overalls? A prom dress? Scuba gear? Sure, wear ’em all. It’s not so much about how you gussy up for the DC State Fair Seedling Swap, but what you bring.

Here’s what we suggest:

Seedlings you’ve grown or bought (although if you don’t have any, you are still very welcome to come!), labeled with at the very least plant name and variety (growing info would be great, too!)

Some tips to share about how to grow the seedlings you’re bringing

1 cardboard box or tray big enough to hold at least 4 to 6 seedlings–bring several in case you walk home with more

1 notebook to record ideas, stash instructions on building a raised bed, and jot down the contact info of your new gardener friends

Your phone with camera and Twitter to share the event using the #seedlingswap hashtag

1 Rubbermaid-style 5-gallon plastic bin to make a worm bin

1 old shoe to grow a sunflower

Cash for contributions and purchasing unique seedlings and plant starts (ginger, turmeric, and more!) from Three Part Harmony Farm

Questions? E-mail us. See you there!