Seedling Swap Preview

What are people bringing to the Seedling Swap on Sunday?

Seedling Donations

Well, some seedlings are ready to go, donated by Neighborhood Farm Initiative, the DC community-focused urban agriculture organization, and Old City Farm & Guild, the new incarnation of one of DC’s best local garden centers.

For your chance at the peanut, lemongrass, Japanese eggplant, strawberries, cucumbers, and so much more, get to the DC State Fair Seedling Swap at 2 PM sharp on Sunday! You can bring seedlings you started yourself; seedlings you bought at Old City Farm & Guild, at Neighborhood Farm Initiative’s seedling sales, or at your local farmers’ market; or no seedlings at all–we’ll have plenty for both new and experienced gardeners to walk home with!

We’re happy to have our sponsors Healthy Affordable Food for All (HAFA) and Whole Foods Market P Street with the Swap as well!

There will be demonstrations, seedlings for sale (for those things you didn’t grab during the swap), and more.

Get more details about the swap and directions to the event by clicking here

See you on Sunday!

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