Kid Power brings delights big and small

DC State Fair executive committee members Ken and Rhea joined the Kid Power Harvest Dinner on August 2. The event, hosted by Fair sponsor Kid Power DC, wrapped up the program’s summer camp season. Family, friends, and community members were invited to enjoy kid-created dance, a poetry slam, and food that they grew and cooked themselves.

Guests feasted on vegetable goulash, fresh-baked kale chips, pesto pasta, chicken, and zucchini bread.

Dinner plate


As our pint-sized servers brought out food and drinks, the audience of at least 150 took in performances.

…and art

Construction paper art

The DC State Fair brought fliers to spread the word about our Kids’ Poetry Contest and Kids’ Art Contest. Kid Power didn’t want folks to leave empty handed, either. They sent us home with the recipes for the meal we had just eaten.

We were fed well, but of course we saved room for dessert.

zucchini muffins

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