In 2010, the DC community came together to solve a problem: DC had no equivalent of a county or state fair where our residents could show off their talents in things such as baking, canning, urban agriculture, home brewing, and photography. That all changed on August 28, 2010, when the first-ever DC State Fair welcomed hundreds of fair-goers and entrants to a successful day of fun and prizes, and returned in 2011 for a repeat performance, despite the rain.

You can help us make sure that DC State Fair continues as an annual tradition. When you become a supporter of DC State Fair, you strengthen our community and help us plan for a bigger and better fair each year. Members will receive updates via the State of the Fair newsletter, early notice about contest categories, and invitations to special members-only events.

Please fill out this form to become a DC State Fair member!

For more information about corporate membership, vendor tables, and prize sponsorship for nonprofits and businesses, please contact us at

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