Event Details

The following is the information and schedule for the most recent Fair

Date and Location

The DC State Fair returned to the Barracks Row Fall Festival on Saturday, September 28, 2013, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Barracks Row Fall Festival takes place on 8th Street, Southeast, below Pennsylvania Avenue.

How to Enter DC State Fair Contests

You can enter all contests via online entry forms. Links to the forms are available on the 2013 Contests page.

Fair Schedule (Exhibitor drop off times at a glance (.docx))

All contest exhibitors (contestants), volunteers, and judges should report to the Information Table when they arrive. Drop-off times for contests appear in RED.

Ongoing: DC State Fair photo booth, local gift and clothing vendors, community organization info tables

10:00-11:00amDrop-off for Pie Contest

11:00am – 2013 DC State Fair Opens

Announcements: Welcome Announcement, Sponsor Announcement, Vendor Introductions

Kids Poetry Winners gather for reading at Drop-Off Booth B

Judging for Pie Contest begins

11:00am-12 noon Drop-off for Bike Accessory Contest, Honey Contest, Cupcake Contest, Hats for Newborns Contest, and produce contests (Heaviest Vegetable, Longest Vegetable, Heaviest Fruit, Funkiest-Looking Vegetable)

11:00am-11:30 am Drop-Off for Kids Art Contest


Announcements: Kids Poetry Winners and poetry reading

Kids Art Judging begins at Central Demonstration Table

12:00 noon

Announcements: Kids Art Winners, Bike Accessory Winners, Pies Preliminary Winners

Cupcake judging at Judging Table B

Final Round of Pie Judging at the Central Demonstration Table

Crowd-sourced judging for Newborn Hat Contest Begins (voting open from 12 noon-4pm)

12:00 noon-12:30pm Drop-off for the Pickled Foods Contest


Announcements: Honey Contest and Pie Contest Winners

Pickle Contest judging at Judging Table A

Cupcake Contest judging at Judging Table B

Heaviest/Longest Produce judging at the Central Demonstration Table

12:30-1:30pm Drop-off for Fermented Vegetable Contest and Jam & Jelly Contest


Announcements: Winner of the Heaviest/Longest Produce and Funkiest-Looking Vegetable Contest

Funkiest-Looking Vegetable Contest judging at Judging Table B.


Announcements: Cupcake Winners and Pickle Contest Winners

Jam & Jelly Contest judging at Judging Table A

Fermented Vegetable judging at Judging Table B

2:00pm Announcement: Fermented Vegetable Winners

2:30pm Announcement: Jam & Jelly Winners

3:00pm Announcements: Tastiest Tomato and Photography Winners

3:30pm Announcement: Knit/Crochet and Sewing Winners

4:00pm Announcements: Homebrew and Hats for Newborns Winners

5:00pm Fair Concludes

38 Responses to Event Details

  1. Katie says:

    When do I need to pick up my knitwear entry? Will it go back to Looped and i can pick it up there next week?

    • kennethjamesmoore says:

      Hi Katie!

      You can pick up your knitwear after 4 PM (the winners will be announced at 3:30!). If you cannot make it to the Fair, your entry will find its way back to Looped, where you can pick it up next week.

  2. Gavin says:

    When is entry drop off for the honey contest?

    • kennethjamesmoore says:

      Contestants should head to the Info Table at the Fair (all the tables will be labeled!) to get directed to the appropriate drop-off booth. We’ll be on 8th Street SE, just south of G Street, in front of the Marine Barracks–you can see a map here.

  3. When do we need to drop off our jams and jellies for the contest on Saturday?

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  11. DCSTATEHOOD says:


    • kennethjamesmoore says:

      I’m sorry you feel so strongly that way! We feel pretty strongly about celebrating DC resident’s talents in state fair style. And maybe someday we’ll have full congressional representation, and our organization’s name won’t be so confusing to people!

    • Jake says:


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  16. AnneAlexis says:

    So, is it my understanding that there is currently not a drop off location for entries, just a time and date?

    • kennethjamesmoore says:

      There IS a drop-off location–the DC State Fair registration booth! At the moment, we don’t have the festival map from Barracks Row–but DC State Fair will be easy to spot, and Barracks Row Fall Festival is only a few blocks long.

  17. Melanie says:

    Any idea when the Homebrew, Sewing, Knit/Crochet, and Tastiest Tomato Contests winners will be announced?

    • kennethjamesmoore says:

      Yes, Melanie! They will be announced after the rest of the contests, around 2:30. I will update the page to reflect that!

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  19. Farrah Darbouze says:

    Are dogs welcome at the fair?

    • kennethjamesmoore says:

      I’d imagine they are, Farrah, as long as they’re well-behaved and chill with thousands of people having fun around them!

  20. Anya says:

    if we can’t make it to the contest ourselves (but would still like to show off our pickled vegetables!), could we have a representative stand in for us?

    • kennethjamesmoore says:

      You certainly can enter in absentia! Once you register, it doesn’t matter who drops off your entry for you or whether you’re there for judging. It’s always fun (and nerve-wracking) to see the judges’ reactions when they’re sampling your pickles–but it’s just as fun reading the announcement afterward and discovering that you had won!

  21. Reier says:

    Why not expand the baked goods category… Just pie and cupcakes leaves us “cookie-philes” sad and lonely

    • kennethjamesmoore says:

      That’s certainly an excellent suggestion! Perhaps we’ll be able to next year!

      • Reier says:

        Thanks! As someone from MN (we have the largest state fair in the US) I was so happy to see this is a thing… I’ll be prepping my cookie pans in preperation for next year, don’t let me down! ;)

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